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Our curators will bring West Africa’s rich cultural knowledge and our imagined futures into 2D/3D reality for global engagement.

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Photo Credit: Object from Benin City dated back 1897, housed in the British Museum, UK

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At the Digital Lab, EMOWAA’s growing creative and research community will unlock the possibilities of digital technologies to advance the heritage economy, education, and creative industries. Hosted at the Pavilion, this facility will make cultural content of Nigerian and African origin easy to access, use and reuse through the creation of multimedia digital catalogues and online libraries.

Its range of technologies enable digital mapping and interpretation of cultural artefacts, places and monuments, providing new evidence to deepen knowledge of Africa’s civilizations and their material heritage. From 3D exhibitions to virtual reality, gaming to e-learning platforms, EMOWAA's range of digitally-driven initiatives will activate Benin's Creative District. Our work with young creative professionals will catalyse a boom in innovative, interactive applications with real societal and economic impact.

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